The game's rules

The goal is to move with the club, from the starting point ""Tee"" to the finishing point with the minimum number of strokes.

- Place the ball on the tee and play using the club held with both hands.

- Any ball that has not passed the first obstacle (marked by two small black lines on the borders) must be replaced on the tee and counts for one point.

- Any ball that has not passed an obstacle after three attempts must be placed by hand 30 cm on the other side of the said obstacle with a penalty of one point (three attempts and a penalty).

- Any ball leaving the course will be placed 15 cm from the place of exit with a penalty of one point.

- Any ball that comes to rest against the rim can be pushed away the length of a club iron (approximately 10 cm).

- The maximum number of attempts on each hole is 6. In case of failure on the 6th shot, score 7 and move on to the next round.


- At busy times, to facilitate the progress of each group, it is advisable to let the faster groups pass.

- Club and ball are strictly personal, they only give the right to one course and cannot be loaned.

- The management declines all responsibility in the event of an accident or lost objects.