Commitments for responsible tourism

Aware of current and future environmental and social issues, GREEN Minigolf is committed to its level through an environmental policy. In this context, the actions implemented are as follows:

Energy management

- All lighting works with LEDs.

Water Management

- Fallen branches are transformed into wood chips. Thus, the beds are mulched in order to preserve humidity (which limits watering).

- Dry toilets to limit water consumption. Wood chips are supplied by a local company. Washable wipes are used for cleaning.

- Rainwater is collected. It is used to top up the water level in the pool (evaporation) and to water some plants occasionally.

Waste management

- Waste is sorted and weighed. In 2022 it is less than 4 grams of non-recycled waste per visitor. Tea bags and coffee pods are composted.

- CB tickets are not printed, they are sent on request by SMS or email. Digital files are preferred for sending quotes and invoices.

- Ice creams available for resale are chosen according to their packaging, paper and cardboard packaging are favored.

- Minigolf is a member of the ""Gourde Friendly"" network. Thus, visitors can claim to fill their water bottle on the site. The aim is to reduce the waste produced by plastic bottles.


- The presence of a pond which allows frogs, toads and dragonflies to lay their eggs. It is also a water resource for insects including bees.

- The presence of insect huts.

Responsible purchasing:

- In store, craft beers from Jullouville ""l'Ecume des Falaises"" as well as ""Meuh Cola"" drinks from Dragey-Ronthon.

Soft mobility:

- A bicycle rack installation (capacity 10).

- The implementation of a ""low carbon"" tariff.